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Fiscal Contable

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The audits are carried out with the maximum guarantees provided by our experience, high level of knowledge and refinement of the best procedural standards. The recognition of our clients guarantees more than 40 years of experience and especially in large corporations or groups of companies.

Due Diligence is the technical verification process that must be carried out on the occasion of relevant investment operations in business activities or, more frequently, regarding company acquisitions and mergers.

  • Audit of Annual Accounts.
  • Audit for mergers and divisions between companies.
  • Reviews of Financial Statements and certifications.
  • Special audit reports required by legal regulations.
  • Audit certifications monitoring the use of subsidies.
  • Reviews of the reports to the parent company by its subsidiary headquarters of multinationals.

ECONOMIC REPORTS and BI (Business Intelligence)

Special reports provided for by commercial regulations (capital increases due to compensation of credits or charged to reserves, accordion operations, share valuation, etc...).

Review reports on certain areas of accounting, both on financial statements, as well as all kinds of certifications of specific facts, reports on procedures provided for by the different regulations (RAEE, ECOEMBES, AEE, etc), economic reports for the preparation of Files Employment Regulation (ERE) or insolvency proceedings.

  • Economic valuation of companies and their shares.
  • Business valuation. 
  • Dashboard: Design and implementation of a management control system. 
  • EIS (Executive Information System): Design and implementation of a management information system at different levels of responsibility.