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Commercial Law

In the area of commercial and company law, we are able to offer extensive legal advice to all types of companies, from individuals to small companies and multinationals.

Our legal team assists with;

  • Creation and development of all types of companies, mergers and adquisitions.
  • Company holdings.
  • Dissolution of companies.
  • International business structures.
  • Purchase and sale of business assets ;
    Planning and optimization, due diligence, negotiation and wording of documents.
  • Wording of statutes with special clauses.
  • Legal advice regarding corporate bodies and managerial liability.
  • Defense of shareholders rights.
  • Creation and development of management statutes for family-owned companies and outside agreements.
  • Legal advice in small and medium-sized companies.
  • Commercial agreements, distribution, agency, franchise and services. General tems and conditions of contracts.