Fiscal Contable Área Jurídica Mercantil Laboral Audit


“Being a solid firm that is capable of transmitting confidence and maximum quality in the service, thanks to the excellence of the people who integrate it”.


“Giving the customer the service of multinational firm with the warmth of the personal treatmentl”.

“The service of the leading multinational firm with the excellence of the personal treatment. ”

EmErgE Sales Dept.

Emerge Location

EmErgE is found placed with its home offices in the heart of Barcelona, very well communicated as much by private trasnport as public.

“The firm that grows from the hand of their customers”


Headquarter Office:
Diputació 188, Entlo-116
08011 Barcelona (Spain)

Phone (switchboard): 93 323 45 67
Fax: 93 323 49 34

Red de Despachos de EMERGE